Breaking boulders and
building bridges.

We break barriers to peace and work with communities to mend broken relationships that lead to hostile conflicts


Peace is everyone’s business.

through our robust research network we empower young people and communities with knowledge on peace and advocate for the sustaining peace concept.


YIPIT Volunteers
Around the world.

Let us work together to build peace in our communities around Zimbabwe and the world at large.

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About Us

PEACE is Our Main Goal

More about us

The organisation was inspired by the local turn in peacebuilding and the United Nations ‘Sustaining Peace’ concept which acknowledges the centrality of peace in development and government policies. The rationale behind the local turn in peacebuilding is that communities should take a leading role in peacebuilding as it is them that long after post-conflict funding is gone, will have to sustain the peace. The UN has acknowledged that countries should constantly be placing the idea of peace at the heart of their programs in order to sustain the already existing peace. The idea that there cannot be a one-size fits all approach to peace forms the founding principle of this organisation.

The need to fill the knowledge gap in ways of dealing with peace was identified. YIPIT hopes to bridge this gap and aid the government and communities in Zimbabwe to strategise realistic ways of dealing with conflict. The goal is to come up with research and problem driven approaches to peace that are acceptable to the communities. It is also to empower the communities to handle conflicts and peacefully deal with their challenges.

What We do

We do it for all people

Our Motto

Breaking boulders to build a strong nation.

Our Mission

To capacitate the youths so that they can play a central role in peacebuilding and nation building in Zimbabwe.

Our Vision

To see a violent free and united nation.

Youth In Peacebuilding Initiative Trust

The YIPIT is born out of the need to make use of local understandings of peace to empower communities through young people with knowledge on peace. The understanding of peace in our local languages shows that the economic, social, political and many other constrains to achieving peace have to be made right if everyone is to enjoy being part of the bigger society. We conduct strong researches that expose and suggest ways of dealing with underlying challenges to peace. We advocate for peace and emphasise the significance of peace education for all citizens and the need to place peace at the heart of all policies so that they can favour the people. We emphasise on sharing our researches and offering training workshops for peace to groups of individuals, organisations and communities.

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What we Do

Our Research

Aiming to bridge the knowledge gap in theoretical ways of understanding peace and conflict so as to impart practical initiatives of promoting and sustaining peace in Zimbabwe. The goal is to come up with context specific research and problem driven approaches to positive peace through historic and contemporary researches within local communities that identify the underlying challenges to peacebuilding, perspectives and experiences of respective societies.

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Peace Building

Breaking boulders to
build a strong nation.

We believe that there cannot be a united nation if there are no deliberate efforts to build bridges that connect the people to one another across different regions. We also believe that communities can do well to learn from each other’s social experiences as this build trust and a sense of oneness. We thus believe in coming up with strategies and supporting initiatives that center on building bridges across communities, hence promoting greater interaction.

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YIPIT Peace Training

These trainings are offered to groups within communities that arrange themselves and are willing to build a peaceful community. Trainings are also provided to organisations that desire to incorporate peace training in their community-based work. The trainings are made available to groups of students, political groups, religious groups or traditional leader groups.

Advocacy Work

YIPIT Campaigns and Community Work