About Us



PEACE is Our Main Goal

The organisation was inspired by the local turn in peacebuilding and the United Nations ‘Sustaining Peace’ concept which acknowledges the centrality of peace in development and government policies. The rationale behind the local turn in peacebuilding is that communities should take a leading role in peacebuilding as it is them that long after post-conflict funding is gone, will have to sustain the peace. The UN has acknowledged that countries should constantly be placing the idea of peace at the heart of their programs in order to sustain the already existing peace. The idea that there cannot be a one-size fits all approach to peace forms the founding principle of this organisation.

The need to fill the knowledge gap in ways of dealing with peace was identified. YIPIT hopes to bridge this gap and aid the government and communities in Zimbabwe to strategise realistic ways of dealing with conflict. The goal is to come up with research and problem driven approaches to peace that are acceptable to the communities. It is also to empower the communities to handle conflicts and peacefully deal with their challenges.

A vacuum exists in action aimed at nation building and this organisation aims at placing the issue of nation building, a shared national identity and vision at the heart of the discourse within the country. The organisation provides information on peacebuilding to all like-minded organisations willing to play a key role in the building of a peaceful society or nation. YIPIT provides step by step practical information which is context specific in dealing with conflict within the country.

Political polarisation, violence during the election period and daily domestic violence have become a common landscape in the country. The populace at large, the church and various other players are not sure what should be their role and if they can play one outside the government. This organisation tasks itself with providing knowledge to make the citizenry aware of the role they can play in peacebuilding at individual, community and national levels. It is through research within local communities that identifies the challenges, views and perspectives of the society. That will result in the creation of platforms for the active engagement of all members to coming up with solutions.


The organisation is registered as a Trust under the laws of Zimbabwe with three trustees forming the Board of Trustees. It is governed by a Board of Directors which consists of talented youths from various walks of life and representatives of youth organisations who share in the vision of working for a peaceful Zimbabwe.

The Executive Committee that is consisted of youths with expert knowledge on peacebuilding and administration are in charge of the day to day running of the organisation. They work together with four youths elected by the Board of Directors to serve on the board to increase accountability. The organisation has also a Board of Advisors who provide guidance to the youths who are driving this organisation. YIPIT thrives on accountability and transparency in all its activities.

Our Structure

Our Vision and Mission


To see a violent free and united nation.


To capacitate the youths so that they can play a central role in peacebuilding and nation building in Zimbabwe.