Projects and Programs

The scope of the programs is set to widen with time to cover all the ten objectives of the organization, work has already begun in planning and structuring some of the projects. The programs in the planning stage include the Leader I Want, the Peace is my Business campaign and the Bright Futures initiative. This section shall discuss these projects:

1. The Leader I want Campaign

This campaign is aimed at gathering the perspectives of the communities as to the kind of leaders they want to lead their societies. It is basically a voter education program that seeks to create a favorable and peaceful environment for peace as we approach the elections period. We believe this work should not be left to the voter registration period, but the society should be able to constantly engage in a discussion on the quality of the leader they want. The main purpose of this campaign is to bring about a seriousness to quality national debates. It is also hoped that this campaign will help the communities to look at their circumstances, see where they are failing and identify the roles they wish their leaders to play. This will also serve as an eye opener for the leaders to fine tune their efforts in community engagement. The tools that shall be used in this campaign are:

  • A. Voter education campaigns answering the three questions of, Why do I have to vote?, What should inform my choice” and What should I do after elections?
  • B. A campaign to promote the discussion of these questions is meant to build capacity amongst the citizens to identify their role in the governance of their communities in particular and the country at large.
  • C. A massive media campaign is to be launched and starting this move three years before an election will help the communities to have a checklist upon which to measure their leaders.¬
  • D. The promotion of transparency in the handling of community resources

2. Peace is my business campaign

We envisage that through this campaign, awareness for peace shall be raised by exposing the various forms of peace which rock societies. We will reveal ways in which the community can act to stop or prevent the continued violence. This is an important part of the advocacy work by the organization, to raise awareness for peace to place issues of peace at the heart of the national discourse. Both the communities and leaders are challenged to make peace in their daily business. It should be the key goal that informs policies and decisions made at all levels of governance. This campaign aims at making peace fashionable amongst young people and in the process, make it difficult for leaders to ignore or to instrumentalise violence

The campaign is aimed at stirring the peace debate and to facilitate the eradication of all forms of violence. The Tools of this campaign will include:

  • A. A vibrant anti-domestic violence campaign based on research and giving information on the role society can play to end this scourge.
  • B. A robust information campaign on the need to address psychological violence which is increasing the rate of mental illness and suicides within the country.
  • C. A vigorous campaign on why peace is everyone’s business and what society has to do to change its perspectives on violence and reliance on violence as a final solution to disputes.
  • D. Work with primary and secondary schools through drama and poetry by promoting plays that deal and show ways of dealing with peace in different regions of the country.