Submission Guidelines

YIPIT acknowledges and values your independent research projects and we accept researches across all disciplines that examine specific issues in Zimbabwean communities. We also publish researches conducted by other organisations, institutions and civil society movements. Every submitted research should speak to, or can be applied to, the multifaceted peace-conflict nexus and peacebuilding network.

Types of manuscripts accepted:

  • Dissertations and theses that are contextualised within the existing policy and scholarly debates with a practice or a case study approach.
  • Policy dialogues that engage fundamental topics in the field of conflict and peacebuilding.
  • Briefings that analyse contemporary topical peace and conflict issues, practice or policy reviews.

What to include in the submission:

  • Cover sheet containing author`s name, title of the research project, keywords (3-10) and e-mail address. If more than one author, provide the corresponding e-mail address and indicate the co-authors` full names to be listed on the final published paper.
  • Abstract that reflects the theme of the paper, the contributions of the research project to peace and conflict, or an in-depth examination of specific programs implemented in various communities to help the citizens to realise and uphold peace, or exposing bad experiences encountered by communities that hinder the attainment of peace and/or proffering of solutions that can be initiated to achieve peacebuilding in the communities and the nation at large.
  • Main document typed single-spaced using Times New Roman, 12 pt. The paper must be typed using Microsoft Word.
  • Diagrams, tables, figures, maps and other graphical material should be placed attached to the matching text and also submitted as a separate file for attachment in .jpeg, .eps or .TIFF format.

Publishing with YIPIT increase your chances of being nominated to enter into research contracts with YIPIT and partner with the YIPIT research team on any research opportunities that may arise within the organisation on the basis of your area of expertise or community which you previously studied.


All independent research projects should be submitted using the submission form below. Every submitted paper will be reviewed after the author confirms a notification from a separate email. The author will be informed of the progress by the reviewer. When published, the research project is made available to both public and private sectors, academic and non-academic circles, multidisciplinary audience and global exposure.

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